For All

For All

*Not for every body

Everything that we have ever looked for
is within us

Welcome to limn

It can be something practical or something spirtiual. You are the one who chooses what the message is

designed with a small compartment where you insert a short message to yourself. It could be any message; something practical like “Wake up at 5AM every morning,” it can be a motivational message like “Every step counts,” and it could even be a a new belief I want to append like “I am Powerful.” The point is – that you are the one who chooses what the message is.

How it works

Step 1

Set a vision for yourself. Goal / State you desire. It is all possible

Step 2

Write a note with a personal message that will be a friend along the journey

Step 3

Insert it to your limn and use it a reminder every step along the way

Simple Messages By Simple People

Power focuses wirtten by people

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Coming Soon

Finding the power within

Goal setting

The gift of happiness

Take a walk on limn side

Two years ago we set on the beach, thinking about what to get a good friend for his birthday. We went in the water for a swim and from out of nowhere the idea came up. To make a piece of jewelry where you can decide what it symbolizes.

5% of all of our profits go to donation