it is within

Limn verb:

 to outline in clear sharp detail

definition by Merriam Webster

Picture yourself having the ability to be clear on what you want,
on who you truly are, on the amazing moment that is happening now!

That's what limn is all about!

How it works

Step 1

Take a moment and set a vision for yourself. Goal / State you desire. Make it exciting.

Step 2

Write a note with a keen message to yourself. Make sure this message has a meaning to you and it will be a guide in the moment.

Step 3

Insert it and illuminate your goals, your powers, this moment or whatever you chose every step along the journey.

The making of limn

A simple idea that took us on adventure

Two years ago we set on the beach, thinking about what to get a good friend for his birthday. We went in the water for a swim and from out of nowhere the idea came up; To make a piece of jewelry where you can decide what it symbolizes for you.

From that the idea quickly evolved and grew even more. We started off with very little experience but that wasn’t going to stop us. We understood that this bracelet could make an impact.
So every challenge that came up, we reminded ourselves what we came to do.

Now from a birds view we can say it was worth it all and we are super excited for whats to come. 

Looking forward to watching you grow with us

Ligal and Mor

Giving back

We believe that giving is receiving and vice versa. 

Our goal is to make a change in the community and one thing we set for ourselves is to donate 5% of all our profits to the “Make a Wish Foundation”